"Singer Bali makes it all look so simple and fun.  She goes from whispher to a belt in about 1 second and always organically from the music.  This classically-trained vocalist with a 3 octave range hits all the right notes with confidence and strength and her tight vibrato is used sparingly.  Her sense of dynamics and diction are flawless..." --Tom Kelly, SF Bay Times

"Her voice took on colors of Julie Andrews with a touch of Barbra Streisand."--Linda Ayers-Frederick, SF Bay Times

"Ms. Bali is blessed with powerful vocals and brings to the stage a combination of beauty, charm and grace." --Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline Online 

"Vandana's voice is a wave of emotions spilling forth with the passion, conviction and power of a thousand angels.  Wholesome, compelling....complete."  Austin R., San Francisco